About That Last Post and an Announcement About an Announcement

I only have, like, two readers. Seriously. But even so, one of them was confused by my last post.

It was silly and whimsical and apparently completely out of the clear blue. Okay. I mean, ouch, but I can hang.

Basically, I want to start using this space to talk about all kinds of things, including the random shit that flutters through my mind. This seems like to a good place to turn the filter completely off and just GO … so that’s what I’m gonna do.

You can expect to continue to hear about what I recently referred to as my “weird-ass gender journey,” but I reserve the right to blather on about other things, too. Mostly entertaining things. All of them likely mild shades of crazy, but that’s what makes the world go ’round.

I also recently created a secret Facebook group (shhhhh … it’s a secret) to keep my rag-tag group of support folk in the loop. I’m planning on sharing the URL for this blog with them, so before long at least a few of ’em will be reading this (hi, y’all!) and thinking things like, “Wow, Ash is a lot more creative than we knew!” and “What a neat-o idea!” and “OMG, we thought the gender stuff was unique. But this … this is … what is this? We don’t have words.”

Here’s what I have to say about that:

  1. Welcome.
  2. I, like all people, NEED support. Since I don’t have familial connections, I figured it was high time I formalized my own support network in a way that works for me. (I live in Texas. We “figure” things all the time.)
  3. Yes, some of them say things like “neat-o.” They don’t judge me. I don’t judge them.
  4. I’m far sillier (and far more fun) than most of the people in my life know. I’ve spent a lifetime hiding that side of me because it’s not very guy-like. Since I’m not a guy (and finally accepting of that), the silliness is gonna come out.

Because I think all of that is quite enough for one post, I’m going to stop there and leave you with a teaser. There is major news from the last week. HUGE. And I will write about it here, but not yet.

Oh, and to my FB friends and others reading this, after much debate (and way too many years in fear), I’m out. Like, OUT out. I don’t plan on making any grand announcement, but tell whoever you wanna tell. I don’t care.

Me being me isn’t a secret. Not any more.