Recently a friend introduced me to my newest addiction.

I’m not kidding. I’m kinda hooked.

When I show you, and I will show you, you may think it’s just irreverent, juvenile fun. Okay, so it is that, but I think it’s more, too.

The subject of my latest obsession? Bitch Pudding.

Bitch Pudding is a character on Robot Chicken. She’s a parody who lives in Strawberry Shortcake’s world. She’s crass and vulgar and utterly delightful.

But she’s also profound.

I know, I know. I need to connect the dots. Don’t worry, baby birds. I’ll feed you.

See, when I was a kid my sister was BIG into Strawberry Shortcake. She had all these scratch-and-sniff dolls that smelled absolutely nothing like dessert pastries but were cute and fun and interesting anyway. She loved them, and I envied the fact that she got to play with them.

She got adorable little friends, and I got GI Joes. (My favorites of which, by the way, were Scarlett, Lady Jane and, of course, the Baroness. Female badasses, every one. One of them was even leather-clad. Oh my.)

Here we are … *cough* … a few years later, and now I get a Strawberry Shortcake character of my very own. I guarantee you my sister doesn’t know shit about Bitch Pudding. She’d find her offensive on every level, and I think she’s epic.

Bitch Pudding scoffs at the general cuteness of everything in Strawberryland, even though she’s a part of it. She rebels by screaming obscenities and refusing to play the part she should. She sticks out.

And she makes me laugh.

I want her. I want to be her. She’s my hero.

Which brings me to a dilemma.

To date, this website hasn’t featured a single graphic of any kind. No pictures. No videos. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

But how can I not share Bitch Pudding with the world?!

There’s only two of you reading (at the very most), but still, Bitch Pudding deserves more than a link. She deserves an embed.

I know that sounds like a euphemism. Seriously, get your mind out of the gutter … or invite me to join you. Those are your only two options.

So, I’m happy–nay, PROUD–to have my first post with any kind of graphic include an embedded video of my newest hero, Bitch Pudding.

What’s up, hoes. The bitch has arrived.