It Takes So Little

Just a few hours ago, I was happy crying. I saw my chiropractor today. Because I was taking a day of PTO (mental health days are a real thing), and because I didn’t particularly feel like dressing up, I didn’t have my wig or any makeup on. I guess to anyone paying attention, I was […]

I Did a Thing

That thing I said I was gonna do? I did it. I came out. On Facebook. And as if that weren’t enough, I followed it up by fully coming out at work today. Like, I showed up at the office in a wig (complete with kick-ass fuchsia highlights) and makeup. The great FB experiment was fucking […]

I Said I Wouldn’t. I Lied.

I should know better than to make absolutely statements. I really should. But, y’all—I do things I shouldn’t do. Like, all the time. Case in point. A while back I said I wasn’t ever gonna make any kind of big Facebook announcement about my gender. Funny thing about that. This Friday is Trans Day of […]


I hate this feeling. I’ve known for a while now that I need to start moving. Not with transition. That’s underway. Hormones and whatnot are happening. No, I mean with other real life things. I need to start writing for myself again, and I need to move forward with some other money-making stuff I’ve been […]

8 Things I’ve Learned in the Last 2 Weeks

Learning is awesome. Also, it sucks. It’s usually uncomfortable and challenging, even if there’s a payoff in the end. And there IS a payoff, which is why I try to embrace it … even when that’s like embracing a rabid porcupine with a bad attitude and halitosis. So, here are the things I’ve learned in […]

Be Fucking Proactive

I got angry tonight. Not pissy or enraged or righteously indignant. Just angry, and (I think) appropriately so. I heard from someone for the first time in months. Someone from a trans support group. Someone who actively volunteers to play a support role for trans people who don’t have families to lean on. But after […]

Talking to Myself (Again)

I’ve admitted before that I talk to myself. I really do. Out loud. On and off all day. And most of those conversation are either me ranting about something I’m upset about (not helpful) or rehearsing how I’ll deal with something bad happening (also not helpful) or going off on someone who’s not actually there […]

The Thing About the Things

I begin way too many posts by LOUDLY declaring that, OMG, so much has changed. That’s kinda the nature of being trans. And of life. Things change. Sometimes big things. I should probably stop freaking the fuck out about it every time some new change finds me. I’m sure that would be a calmer, more mature […]

Mixed Bag

I mentioned an announcement last week, and I feel like I owe you that. (You, my imaginary readers. How I love your imagined loyalty.) So here it is. I started hormone replacement therapy. SCIENCE is officially in the mix, people. Weird science, even. How awesome is that? But as happy as I am about that […]