Attack the Hill

I ran cross country in high school. My reasons were unconventional. I had to play a sport. School policy. I had to work a part-time job. Monetary necessity. The only fall coach who was cool with me missing practice twice a week to go to work was the cross country coach. Plus, my friends were […]

The Roller Coaster

When I was a kid I was fascinated by roller coasters. Fascinated but terrified. I remember my first. I was around 10. I stood in line, visibly nervous. There was a girl in line in front of me. A teenager, cute and bubbly and excited by the thrill of the ride. She spotted me, anxiously […]

Super Powers

I was in a crazy good mood today. Downright chipper. There was a time when I would have analyzed that to death. You know, what clicked today that doesn’t click on other days?! I’m so over that shit. Instead, I’d rather just enjoy that it was good. But I did notice a nice little byproduct. […]

Expect Good Things

I’m looking for a job. I hate looking for jobs. Partly it’s the fact that is a chore. I mean, you’d think there would be some kind of consistency from application to application, but nope. I find myself typing out the same stuff over and over and over again. It’s tedious. Then there’s the fact […]

Set Up

Yesterday my AC was out. A tech showed up at the house late in the afternoon. He was a nice enough guy, only too happy to get things back up and running in a jiffy. (Thank God. It was hot.) At one point he mentioned something about the temperature outside. As he headed back out […]

Oh, Sweet Rebellion

I’m done. D-U-N, done. I’ve lived too much of my life in the shadows. Hiding. Scared. Afraid, even to be myself. And I know what you’re thinking. Don’t we all do that? The short answer is, OMFG, yes. The longer version includes the complexities of my life. One in particular. I’m a very male looking […]