It’s been too long since my last post.

A holiday has come and gone. Parts of it were good and parts of it were hard. In between and on both sides, there’s been general suckery. Honestly, I’m surprised I’m still sane.

Luckily, I have a couple of good friends (the only two readers I have that I know of — hi, you two!) who’ve been a source of great encouragement. They’ve kept me sane, in part by letting me know that (1) it’s okay to be depressed given all that I’m dealing with, (2) it’s NOT okay if I’m depressed enough to hurt myself (I’m not), and (3) things do, in fact, suck donkey balls right now.

Assuming you don’t have a thing for pseudo-equestrian genitalia, that’s bad.

So, new plan.

I’m accepting that things suck. I’m not going to fight that fact because, seriously, that would be stupid. (And you know me. I’ve never done anything stupid.)

I won’t lie. (Something else I never do.) Accepting the suckitude of life’s circumstances does help a bit with my stress level. Some things are just hard. I can’t stop that right now. Might as well accept it, right?

Okay. That’s what I got for tonight, kiddos.

I hope you’re well. More updates to follow.