First, yes. It’s been a while. Let’s not make a thing of it, okay?

Look, I promise if you give me, like, 1 minute, it’ll all make sense. Quite a bit has changed and before long you’ll feel like absolute shit for making all those faces at the screen instead of just calming the fuck down and letting me explain.

And if you’re the patient type and you haven’t made a single face, thank you. You’re a saint. I adore and respect you. The rest of my readers could learn a thing or two from you.

The update.

First, I am now divorced. I’ve never even mentioned my marriage (directly anyway), and the first you hear about it is a proclamation of its end. Trust me, I’ve done you a favor. It was a wild but very un-fun ride.

Second, I almost died. Really. My appendix tried to kill me.

I had a stomach ache one day, and then BOOM!, it ruptured. No further warning. I was at work complaining of mild indigestion one afternoon and a couple of hours later I was in emergency surgery.

The would-be murderous organ is gone, and I’m more or less healed, so there’s that.

Finally, I’m out. Sort of.

I’m not planning to make any big announcement. There won’t be some massive Facebook post or anything like that. Instead, I’m just not asking people to keep my gender a secret anymore.

As soon as insurance sorts itself out (changing from my ex’s plan to my employer’s plan), I’ll be looking into HRT. So begins the actual transition. It’s on, bitches.

As for this blog, it began in secret. I needed a place to be myself, no editing, not worried about language or sounding sane or any of that. It’s served a very real purpose, so I have no plans to retire it. In fact, I hope to be writing here more often. While I have another blog, I’m probably more myself here.

I plan to share the journey with anyone who wants to follow along. I’m hardly the first trans person to do that kinda thing, so there’s not likely to be anything earth-shattering here. But it’s my first time to do this, so it will be uniquely me.

Expect another couple of posts soon. I’ve been wig and bra shopping—holy fucking crackers, that’s tough when you’re built like me—and I’m going to a Halloween party tomorrow night in a very elegant dress. I’m sure that will yield all kinds of ‘personal growth’.

In the meantime, if you have questions, ask ‘em. Really. Anything you wanna know from a trans person. Or just a person. I’m more than my gender, and I’m happy to share my opinion on just about any topic.

Wait. I’ll show you.

Trump? Can’t fucking stand him.

The Solo movie? Didn’t even see it. I probably will, but it didn’t grab my attention.

Ice cream? The most amazing sugary thing on the planet.

Kink? Yes, please.

Kittens? Also a yes, but I don’t mix the last three under any circumstances. That’s a hard stop for me.

See? So many amazing things to pick my brain about. You don’t have to make comments and ask questions, but you’re only cheating yourself if you don’t. And the world, really. Who knows what rabbit holes we’ll wander down if you ask the question you really wanna ask?

Ball’s in your court. Whatcha got?