Today, I’m headed back to Phlambler’s World for another go at 100-word flash fiction. Stories of this length–super short–are fascinatingly different to write. They are fun and quick, though quite challenging in their own way. Painting a scene of any real depth is not easy in so few words. Feel free to let me know what you think of this one in the comments.

The rules for Phlambler’s 100 words for this week are:

100 words maximum, excluding the title, of flash fiction or poetry using all of the three words above (‘supervise’, ‘cash’ and ‘mare’) in the genres of horror, fantasy or science fiction. 


“Havin’ the ‘mare again, are ya?” Helen squatted over the child offering little sympathy. “Well, hush you.”

Her job was to supervise the young witch, not to be sweet to her. Alexia Strand, 7 year-old sorceress and psychic, looked close to tears.

Helen places a hand on the child’s shoulder. “Your mum and da will send us the cash, sweetling. No need for cryin’.”

Alexia wiped her eyes. “I’m not scared for me,” she said.

Helen raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”

“I’m scared for you,” the child said gently. “I’ve seen what my father will do when he finds you.”