Resist the Fear

I read a couple of great articles in the last week.

First, there was one about about a recent study which found that being gay doesn’t, in and of itself, lead to depression. But dealing with intolerance might.

Said another way, if you’re LGBT and depressed, you aren’t the problem. A lack of support and acceptance, however, IS a problem.

Here’s a link to that article: “Who you love shouldn’t make you depressed but, study finds, everybody else might”

As if in response, the second article, written by a transgender woman, is all about dealing with fear, rejection, hate and intolerance. While it doesn’t fix the issue, it’s an encouraging battle cry.

And we all know how fond I am of charging into battle. (Seriously, I fucking love it.)

Here’s my favorite quote from the second article.

For those of you in the LGBT community, I urge you to resist the fear and hate around us by living your life as you.”

You can read the rest of the second one here: “Alexandra Chandler: Rejecting fear as a transgender woman”

If you only have time for one, skip the first and read the second.