Hey There

Once upon a time, I attempted to maintain multiple websites for my writing. I had one for fiction (mostly horror and dark fantasy) and another for nonfiction (mostly about my transgender journey). Then one day I realized it was too much work to juggle them both.

Fuck that. Now all my stuff is comfy-cozy on this one site.

There are stories about assassins with on-again, off-again morals, zombies, vampires, and even good, old fashioned classic American horror. If you wanna read the fiction I’m most proud of, check out my personal favorites.

As for the nonfiction, it’s a mixed bag. I’ve always tried to avoid getting too negative when talking about gender. I consider being transgender to be a superpower. I don’t wanna give the impression it’s a curse. But sometimes it’s hard. Wade into that topic at your own discretion.

Make yourself at home. Read what you want and skip the rest. And feel free to say hi if you like.