Torn & Ascend

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I’ve finished the last two books in the Switched trilogy by Amanda Hocking, and all three were fun and entertaining. I would recommend them. My review of the first book holds true to the second and third, so there is very little for me to add. I’ll just say that I enjoyed them a great […]


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The article in Gizmodo earlier this week prompted me to throw down a whopping 99 cents to see what exactly Amanda Hocking is doing to create such a stir. I finished her first book, Switched, last night. Here’s the scoop. First and foremost, let me say that the book is fun. It isn’t terribly deep, but […]

Missed Mark

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I’ve decided to resurrect an old character for this week’s 500 Club. The prompt I’ve chosen is: “Write a scene that seems to send us in one direction, but switches up in a surprising way. Don’t go for the cheap joke, though. Again, subtlety is key.” If you have not read my previous short fiction […]

The Price

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This one was fun. After my last 500 Club entry, Nimue asked me, “Why are all your stories sad?” I said, “They aren’t all sad.” To which she replied, “Yeah. They are.” I thought for a moment. “Okay,” I said. “They aren’t happy.” I intended this one to be downright cheery, but it wasn’t in […]

Ground Under

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I’ll be honest: I’m not really sure where this story came from or why it seems to hearken so much to Of Mice and Men. Whatever this case, this is your weekly dose of the 500 Club. The prompt I chose was simple. “Write a story involving an occurrence underground.” Hope you enjoy it. ground under […]

The Scars

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This week’s 500 Club challenge was a tough one, in part because I refuse to take the easy road and in part because I was in a noticeably dark mood. (When am I not, right?) Whatever the case, I choose the following prompt: “Can You Taste It? Focus on the sense of taste. In 500 words make […]

The Upside

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Been a while, I know, but here is my 500 Club submission for this week. (I really miss writing these posts when I go a couple of weeks without contributing. I suppose I should post more than once a week. Sucks that I have to maintain a day job.) The prompt for this week’s post […]

The Message

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This week’s 500 Club offering is a two-fer. That’s right kids–I’ve taken on both prompts in one 500 word segment. I’ve done this because, (1) I missed last week and felt the need to offer up more the the writing gods this week; and, (2) because I’ve been wanting to write something that satisfied both […]

Red Sweater

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It’s 500 Club time again, and once more I’ve decided to indulge the same character. If you’ve enjoyed the last two weeks, hopefully this won’t let you down. For some reason, the as-yet-un-named gay assassin is just too much fun to write. This week’s prompt was simple: Write a story using “[CHARACTER NAME] never liked […]