My apologies. For the second time within a month, I’m late with my weekly flash fiction post. The holiday weekend distorted my sense of time and I simply forgot. If it’s any consolation, good food and quality time with friends and family were involved. That makes it okay in my book.

Originally, I planned to publish a follow-up to last year’s Black Friday story. I’ve even started it. However, in the interest of getting something on the site ASAP, I decided to go with a 100-word piece instead. I’ll share the Black Friday story with you next week, and then get back to my current series in progress.

Thanks for your understanding.

The prompt for this story comes to us from The Prediction:

100 words maximum, excluding the title, of flash fiction or poetry using all of the three words above (‘forensic’, ‘seed’, and ‘imagine’) in the genres of horror, fantasy or science fiction.


“Sow the seeds of doubt,” he explains with a smile. His grin would be comforting were it not for the circumstances. His guest only listens.

“Imagine it as they’ll see it,” he continues. “Fingerprints, trajectories, DNA samples–all the trappings of modern forensics. Most try to erase the evidence. I find manipulation easier.”

He hasn’t eaten in days, and his wrists are raw with rope burns.

Meanwhile, his guest teeters. The noose is tight. His legs are shaky. He can’t balance on the broken chair for much longer. He gives in, kicking the chair away.

“How delightfully ironic.”