Last Rays

I wrote this very short piece of flash fiction at a friend’s request. She asked for something beautiful about zombies in 150 words or less. I hope you enjoy it.

last rays

“They’re at the back door, too,” Dawn said.

“Great.” Paul hit the wall with his fist. In the corner, Jenna quietly began to cry. Dawn sat next to Jenna and put an arm around her.

“Don’t cry, sweetie. Paul will think of something.”

Through her tears, Jenna said, “I watched the sun come up this morning. First time in years. It was breath-taking. I used to watch the sunrise with Gram when I was little. I forgot. All these years, I forgot.”

Dawn hugged Jenna and gave Paul a meaningful look.

“Right,” Paul said. “It’s not over yet.”

Just then, the front door collapsed. Bodies flooded the room as zombies rushed in. The last thing Jenna saw before they blocked her view completely was the sun, low in the afternoon sky. Its golden rays broke through the clouds, like hope penetrating the darkness.

It was beautiful.