Fuck Mary Kill

I heard someone reference the game “Fuck, Marry, Kill” this past week, and it immediately struck me as the basis of a story. After all, there’s a name in there. If you tease it out. When I started this, that’s all I had. A name. But it flowed right into The Assassin Diaries beautifully, even though […]

The Restless Spirit

This is the first draft of my first attempt to write a fable. It’s largely inspired by a series of books I’m reading, The Fairyland Series. They’re fantastic. Better than what follows, frankly, though I’m pleased with how this came out, especially for something I haven’t yet revised or refined. It’s long for my typical […]

Devil’s Kiss

I get on these kicks sometimes. I’ll find a fictional device and I want to play with it, exploring it from different angles. If you read last week’s story, you’ll get it. This one uses a similar structure. Some of this stuff is straight from my actual nightmares. As such, I find this particular story […]

Basically the Same

This story is simple. There’s no deeper meaning. No commentary on society or human nature. No treatise on how people should behave, or the consequences of careless action, or even an ode to beauty or love. It’s just a 400-word gimmick. But an entertaining one. The entire point of it is the first and the […]

The Price Is the Price

The last several weeks have been pure chaos, though I admit that shouldn’t stop me from writing. I’ll try to be better. I promise. Thank you for waiting so politely in my absence. You didn’t complain or pitch a fit or anything, and I appreciate that ever so much. Especially given how much you must […]


I’ve written several variations of this scene. Not the same characters, the same situation, or the same outcome. Just the set up. An immortal and a human coming to some kind of arrangement in an environment of mock civility. I find it fascinating. Sometimes the immortal has the clear upper hand. Sometimes the mortal holds […]


I’m not sure why, but three of my last four flash fiction stories have prominently featured guns. I’m not particularly into guns. I don’t own one. I don’t even know much about them. But few things deliver savage violence like a bullet. Especially one to the head – another commonality. This one was difficult to […]

Customer Service

It’s time to (very briefly) revisit the nameless assassin. I haven’t written a story about him in a while, and this week’s prompt was a good match for his verbose nature. He does so like the sound of his own voice. Sadly, this story doesn’t really get at his overall character. If you’d like to […]

The Greatness

I’m going to go ahead and answer three questions about the story below before you ask them. First, yes, I’m talking about who/what you think I’m talking about. Second, if it reminds you at all of The Hunger Games, that’s not by accident. And third, it absolutely qualifies as horror. The prompt this week is […]